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Documentary Short Films

Documentaries help companies understand their customers better by providing a concise glimpse of their lives. Although the term implies that these films “document” reality, they actually go beyond mere recording to offer insight on a certain subject or to reveal a new angle about it.

Our short films focus on particular groups of people who may be potential customers, giving the viewer an overview of their culture and lifestyle. But the films go beyond surface level glimpses to look at why these groups behave the way they do. This provides valuable insight to marketers that they can use to create more targeted campaigns that would better reach their audience.

Our films have been carefully assembled by experienced documentary filmmakers as well as promising young directors, and are based on months of research. Before the films are actually made, the scripts are subjected to careful editorial oversight in order to ensure that their content is useful to clients. After they are shot, they are painstakingly edited to ensure that the message of the film is clearly communicated. Although the films run for various lengths, they are all less than fifty minutes long. If you are interested, we invite you to get in touch with us.