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POINT Consultancy is based in Dubai, U.A.E., but we cover the entire Middle East and North Africa. If you’re based in either of these areas, POINT Consultancy is the right market research company for you not just because of our high-quality services but also because of our experience.

Here below are some of the countries we cover:

• United Arab Emirates
• Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Egypt
• Qatar
• Oman
• Kuwait
• Bahrain
• Turkey
• Syria
• Algeria
• Tunisia
• Morocco
• Jordan
• Lebanon
• South Africa
• India
• Pakistan
• Sri-Lanka
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Philippines
• China
• Korea
• Indonesia

We’re highly familiar with the Middle Eastern and North African markets, having spent years researching these regions. We already have a fundamental understanding of consumer behavior in these markets and a basic knowledge of the needs and preferences of local customers. So, whether you’ve been catering to these areas for years or are just entering the market, you’ll surely find that our expertise and experience are a valuable asset.

POINT Consultancy offers both offline and online services, so we can assist you whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online shop (or both). Our qualitative and quantitative market research methods will help you learn more about the people who visit your store branches as well as those who browse through your business’s website.