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POINT Consultancy believes in the art of mixing traditional market research methods with modern techniques. We offer tried-and-tested solutions that have been proven to work and are essential in capturing consumer insights, along with innovative services that are designed to keep up with people’s online and social media habits.

One of our most popular services is Customer Satisfaction Surveys. These are a must-have because they hit two birds with one stone: they allow you to obtain valuable information from your customers while making them feel that you care about them and want to improve their experience. Our surveys can be done either offline or online (or both), depending on needs.

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Of course, these are not the only the only services that we offer here at POINT Consultancy. We also provide Ad Testing, Media Tracking, Market Segmentation, Brand Perception Research, and Product Testing and Evaluation. We likewise offer

We can confidently say that POINT Consultancy can cater to all your market research needs. Contact us now to learn more about our solutions or schedule a meeting with one of our staff.