Qualitative Research: Detailed Insights

Qualitative Research focuses on obtaining data through open-ended and conversational communication. It’s not just about understanding what people think, but also why they think the way they do. In today’s competitive market, it is crucial for brands to uncover and comprehend opinions, behaviors, reasons, and motivations. This makes Qualitative Research an exceptional tool for interpreting big data.

At Anaemo, our expertise in psychology and behavioral economics allows us to deeply understand human behavior and its implications for a brand or situation. Qualitative Research enables in-depth probing and questioning of respondents based on their answers, helping derive meaningful conclusions in Market Research.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of Qualitative Research methods, from traditional approaches like Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) to Hybrid Qualitative methods. We have an unparalleled ability to conduct numerous Qualitative projects worldwide, adapting to different countries, cultures, and demographics.

At Anaemo, we’re dedicated to exploring insights and connecting you with your audience, ensuring a thorough understanding of their perspectives and driving informed decision-making.

Qualitative Research: Detailed Insights

Focus Group Discussion

Gather authentic insights found with interaction in a group setting of audience with similar or contrasting opinions.

Online Communities

Procure valuable insights from respondents across all walks of life from around the world and evaluate their opinions.

Usability Testing

Evaluate a product and test its user-interaction to get direct input on how your users feel about the product and it’s design, and usability.

Mystery Shopping

Measure the quality of sales and service and evaluate performance to gauge the true customer experience.

In-Depth Interview

Foster authentic connections with a holistic understanding of your target audience with one-one communication.


Uncover Insights that drive brand connections and interact with your target audience in their true environment and discover detailed insights.

Bulletin Boards

Curious of what your target audience think? Interact with them and gain in-depth insights using interactive tasks and activities.


Inform your brand and dive deeper into opinions groups of two people and three people with similar/contrasting opinions.