Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research is a structured approach to collecting and analyzing data from various sources. Its purpose is conclusive, aiming to quantify problems and determine their prevalence by generating results that can be projected to a larger population. This method uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research, making it ideal for brands seeking statistical, objective results.

Quantitative data collection methods are more structured than qualitative methods, providing a solid foundation for brands to measure extent and analyze thousands of data points. This analysis can inspire new thinking and potentially change the direction of a brand based on millions of quantified opinions.

At Anaemi, we specialize in a wide range of quantitative research and survey methods, offering both adhoc and continuous market research. Our surveys can range from as few as 100 interviews to over 20,000, depending on your business needs. Our Quantitative Research solutions empower you to put data to work, driving effective strategies for your business.

Our Quantitative Research Solutions

Telephone Surveys

Power your entire research system with high quality structured data at a fast turnaround using telephone surveys to reach globally.

Product Placement

Energize your brand with fresh, real-time insights from authentic respondents from across the world, sharing feedback on your project.

Online Surveys

Inform your crucial decision-making with the help of millions of opinions presented to you via global surveys.

Central Location/Hall Testing

Leverage the power of our global network and evaluate various aspects related to taste, design, concept, advertising in a cheaper and faster way.