Feasibility Study & Business Plan

Our management consultants have extensive experience in making business plans and conducting feasibility study for clients. 

point consultancy offers efficient & specialized feasibility study services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA by offering detailed, authentic & timely feasibility reports.

It is necessary to know whether a business is feasible or not. Getting started without having an idea about the results and consequences is like leaping in the dark. A business feasibility study is recommended before you start your business so that your investments do not go wasted.

We not only conduct a business feasibility study in Dubai but also anywhere in the UAE. Along with the feasibility analysis, we also provide you with consulting on how you should set up your business in the UAE to make it successful.

In our business feasibility study report, we mention the issues that may arise during the business journey. Besides that, we also add possible solutions to them. In the end, we provide you with a brief regarding the profitability of the business to help you with your go or no-go decision.

   "Feasibility study services pave the path for business growth by      providing the clarity and confidence needed to pursue new             opportunities"!


What is Feasibility Study?

Feasibility studies are meticulous assessments aimed at gauging the practicality and sustainability of proposed projects or ventures. Through rigorous analysis of technical, economic, legal, and operational factors, stakeholders can make informed decisions. These studies delve into project objectives, scope, timeline, costs, risks, and potential benefits. By synthesizing comprehensive research, feasibility studies provide invaluable insights to guide strategic decision-making. Ultimately, they empower stakeholders to determine whether to proceed with a project or explore alternative avenues.


Elements of Feasibility Study Services

We are offering services in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, UK and USA comprise several elements, and they typically include:

Project Overview – An outline of the project, products/services offered, the business model and method of delivery.

Market feasibility – Defines the prospective buyers, competitors, industry, future and current market potential and sales estimations.

Technical feasibility – Lists the data about product or service delivery, which could include labor and raw materials. transportation, the technology needed, business locations, etc.

Financial feasibility – A forecast plan about the funding required, the type of funds, and projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, etc. This includes detailing the assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and graphical presentation of key financial data.

Organizational feasibility – An explanation of the corporate and legal frame of the company; this might include data about the founders, their professional history and the skills they have that can help the company begin and continue its operations.

Why a Business Needs Feasibility Study Services

Feasibility study services serve as the cornerstone of this process, offering businesses a comprehensive assessment of the viability and potential risks of proposed ventures. By delving into market dynamics, technical requirements, and financial projections, feasibility studies provide invaluable insights that guide strategic planning and resource allocation. In UAE and Dubai, where markets are dynamic and competition is fierce, businesses rely on feasibility study consultants to navigate complexities effectively, ensuring that every move is backed by data-driven insights.

Moreover, feasibility studies play a pivotal role in optimizing resource utilization and minimizing risks. By identifying potential pitfalls early on, businesses can proactively mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities for growth. This proactive approach not only safeguards investments but also enhances the likelihood of success in today's competitive landscape. From startups exploring new markets to established enterprises considering expansion, feasibility study services offer a roadmap for sustainable growth and profitability. By leveraging the expertise of feasibility study consultants, businesses can make confident decisions that pave the way for long-term success and market leadership.